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Customer Satisfaction Quotes

“After working with Anna, the biggest change that took place was with my confidence. I have grown as a person and I have found my strength. This has helped me to reshape my career and important relationships. I am feeling “enough” and I no longer need validation from others. Life feels so much better now, I feel happy!

Anna is positive, encouraging, honest, and inspirational. She makes you love the “journey”. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better or improve their wellbeing.”

Charlotte | HR Business Partner | Helsinki - Finland

"When I met Anna I was in a deeply stressed place. Throughout our sessions it became clear to me that I was lacking the proper health routines to keep me motivated and balanced in daily life. 
Anna taught me how to improve my balance by committing to self-care daily and by helping me be clear on what my purpose is. After our sessions I had 4 new daily habits built, and a clear plan to actualise my dream. Thank you so much Anna!"

Alina | Product Analyst | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

"In my position “hard and strong“ is recommended but I believe “resilient“ is needed. You taught me how to improve my resilience by asking me, language wise, simple questions. Those question, like a stone thrown into a calm lake, started waves of thoughts and calmly created disturbances in my soul. Your response to my insecurities with my own reflections gave me that little push. The push that encouraged me to believe in me. 12 month later I’m feeling great; every day is a day I enjoy fully. Now, still in a job where analogy with Karma and mental-well-being is rather the exception. But I’m very happy now. Thanks Anna!"


Marcus | Chief of Staff | Amsterdam – The Netherlands

"When I started my 1-year coaching programme with Anna I was at the very beginning of my self-care, self-awareness, and personal development journey. The time spent with Anna has been precious and it has completely changed my work-life-balance, day-to-day routine and made my everyday life meaningful. During this 1 year journey, I have been able to find my purpose, further improve my strengths, and accept and improve my weaknesses. I can hardly believe the change I’ve been through. Thank you, my dear Anna!"

Katia | Marketing Director | Moscow - Russia

"I have attended Anna’s coaching sessions at the time when I was really doing well professionally but personally, I was going through a tough time. I was not aware of the underlying problems back then. During the sessions, Anna helped me to open up myself by asking various relevant questions and helped me to understand the root cause of the problems. After the sessions, she gave some exercise for me which were helpful to start overcoming the stress and being more positive.

I would definitely recommend Anna’s coaching programm as it is very specific to the individual needs and very helpful to achieve what we need the most which is mental peace."

Ranu | Data Engineer | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

“Due to the pandemic and home office, I completely fell off from my routines. I spent most days indoors behind my laptop working for 12 hours a day and didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything else. I couldn’t recognize myself anymore, not to mention the extra kilos I gained!

I just completed the Instant Impact coaching program with Anna and I feel like the energetic self again. I have now a new daily routine, I’m doing pilates again, and I got into running for the first time. I didn’t think I could ever say it, but I quite enjoy the working from home life.

Anna’s coaching was the best Christmas present I could give to myself – just needed someone to help and motivate me. Thank’s Anna!”

Daniele | HR Professional | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

“I used to live a very hectic life, working in television, constantly on the go, running production timelines, shooting, traveling, and honestly burnt out in my corporate job. I knew, I needed a reset but didn’t know how to go about it and make the shift. I met Anna who helped me reassess my stressful life and helped me to take stock of my priorities. She is a great listener, so patient, and amazing! I highly recommend you book a session with her and try her services-out! She is awesome!”

Shradha | TV Producer & Entrepreneur | India

"When I heard that Anna is working as a wellness coach, I immediately thought I could use her help to make adjustments to my lifestyle and especially to my career as it has caused me a lot of negative energy and dissatisfaction.

Thanks’ to Anna’s extensive experience in the corporate world, she can relate to challenges at work and knows what it takes to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Anna is a motivator and is proud of your progress which makes you want to take the next step. I am now very happy with myself, my body, my career, and my life."

Leonie | PR professional | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

“My goal working with Anna was to find a healthier balance between my work and private life as I was going through extensive stress. With Anna’s help I managed to change my daily routine which helps me to manage my stress in much better way. I can see the result in my performance and energy levels.

Anna’s approach is very professional, and she acts as a true inspiration. Her own experience from working in demanding corporate roles made a huge difference.”

Anne | Business Controller | Amsterdam - The Netherlands

"I participated in Anna’s Jump Start Programme at the beginning of the year as I wanted to have clear and achievable goals for the coming year. As an outcome of this dynamic course, I now have a clear vision with precise and concrete action steps on how to reach my goals and realize my dreams. This course also opened my eyes to new opportunities and possibilities. Anna’s soft, yet firm, coaching style was great support for me. Thank you so much!"


Ekaterina | Entrepreneur | Moscow - Russia

“I have enjoyed our sessions together and learned more about myself within a short time frame. These were the times I could slow down and think about the bigger and more uncomfortable questions so I am very grateful for that. 

During the sessions together my habits were under a magnifying glass and I could see clearly what was lacking and what needed more work and you helped me fill in the gaps. There is always self-work to do and these sessions helped me steer the work in the right direction.”

Lisa | Recruiter | Amsterdam – The Netherlands

“Anna is a very inspiring person to work with. I have been learning a lot with her over the past months. She gives amazing constant support, being a good listener, and always coming with creative solutions for the struggles I face. 

Anna is supporting my growth as a professional; creating a harmonious work-life balance that not only improves my physical, emotional and mental well-being, but also my career.The positive effects are numerous: including less stress, a lower risk of burnout, and a greater sense of well-being. Thankful that I have Anna not only as a mentor but also as a friend!”

Livia | Marketing Manager | Amsterdam -The Netherlands


You cannot do what you have always done and expect to change.

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