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Learn to enjoy your everyday life 

Being able to enjoy the present moment and everyday life has been one of the factors that has significantly improved the quality of my life and happiness this year. In the past my workweek was overloaded, days were filled with back to back meetings, and my calendar filled with international business trips. My mind was constantly occupied by the next task I needed to complete, and I was constantly multitasking. Life from Monday to Friday went on autopilot and I don’t remember that I ever truly enjoyed the working week. I was always waiting for Friday or the next holiday. 

You don’t have to make a drastic lifestyle change like I did (see my previous blog post: in order to start living and enjoying the present moment. Below a couple of my tips on how to start being more present and to enjoy everyday life: 

1. Practice mindfulness; the concept of mindfulness is actually quite simple. Mindfulness is the quality of being present and fully engaged with whatever you are doing at the moment. When you are mindful, your attention is focused on what is happening in the world around you. In addition, you are also aware of what is happening in your body, mind, and emotions.

2. Clear your agenda; If your agenda is fully booked, cut one or two meetings per day from your agenda to have some breathing space. It may seem impossible but take a critical look on what meetings truly are that important that day. Having a little bit of time to refresh your thoughts before the next meeting, being able to enjoy your lunch or coffee without rushing or having a casual chat with your colleague will make your day more enjoyable. 

3. Set clear boundaries regarding your working hours; checking your email constantly from your mobile in the evening, first thing in the morning, and during the weekend keeps your mind occupied and you are not fully present when you are supposed to spend time with your friends or family. Make a choice to check your email only a few specific times outside of your regular working hours and stick to it. This simple decision has made a big difference in many of my client’s lives. 

4. Include small things you enjoy throughout your day; this can be something very small and simple, for example, pick up a coffee from your favorite cafe on the way to work, listen to music that you enjoy in the car, enjoy food that you really love for lunch, call a friend while driving home from work, or take a bath in the evening. Make these small things a habit and learn to appreciate them.

You have probably heard it said before that “life is a process, not a destination”. The more you focus on the destination or the future, the more you push your happiness and satisfaction into the future. The true enjoyment in life is here and now so make sure you get to enjoy it, every day.

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