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Find A Programme That Meets Your Personal Needs.

Energised Executive - Signature Programme

The 10-week/5-session coaching programme is designed for people that desire to improve their wellbeing, life-balance, performance, mental resilience, and stress management skills. The programme focuses on 3 core areas:

1. Increasing self-awareness and deepening self-knowledge is a crucial part of the process when building life-balance. Understanding internal values, beliefs, insecurities, passions, aspirations, strengths, and weaknesses will increase wellbeing and fulfillment, both in the context of work and private life. Additionally, Increased internal and external self-awareness is directly linked to higher job satisfaction as well as personal and social control. Through self-awareness practices participant will experience increased self-esteem and self-confidence.


2. Understanding the core concepts of wellbeing and how they impact your health & performance; self-awareness, stress management, sleep, rest & recovery, physical activity, mindfulness & meditation, and nutrition. These science-based concepts create the base to build a well-balanced life. When you understand how wellbeing is 'holistic” and connected to every aspect of the body, the mind, and overall, performance, participant can better pinpoint the cause of discomfort. This will allow to take the right action to build resilience and strength.

3. Building health routines that eliminate stress and maintain balance and strength. Knowledge isn’t enough to transform life, the success lies in daily health routines which we create, practice, and establish during the programme. By focusing on changing routines and habits we create well-balanced life and a sustainable result that maintains balance.

This is the process that that will lead into stress controlled life, improved life-balance, and increased resilience.


Coaching sessions will take place via video conferencing.


DURATION: 10-week/5-sessions

PRICE: 1 000 EUR 

Instant Stress Relief Programme

The 6-week/4-session coaching programme is designed for employees that are going though stressful period in life and need support right now to get out from the stress cycle. The programme starts with health and behaviour

assessment to identify key concerns. Based on the assessment, proprietary tools and exercises are used to tackle challenging topics that are causing stress or discomfort. The programme covers the following topics:

1. Understanding how stress impacts physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing and by learning the physiology or stress, different stages of stress, and how stress impacts the nervous system, participant learns to take right action to ease stress, tension, and the feeling of overwhelmed.

2. Learning stress management tools and techniques for daily use to easy physical, mental and emotional stress and tension. During the programme we practice these techniques and build them as a part of daily routine which will help manage and control stress also in the future.

3. Through self-awareness exercises participant will learn to prioritise wellbeing during the times of heavy stress. The exercises help to see the situation in a more objective lens helping them to take better control over the stressor.

Participant will leave each session feeling relieved and with a fresh perspective, giving the tools required to tackle challenges on their own.

Coaching sessions will take place via video conferencing.

DURATION: 6-weeks/4-sessions


Charlotte | HR Business Partner | Helsinki – Finland

"After working with Anna, the biggest change that took place was with my confidence. I have grown as a person and I have found my strength. This has helped me to reshape my career and important relationships. I am feeling “enough” and I no longer need validation from others. Life feels so much better now, I feel happy!"

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