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Anna Jenkins, Wellness Coach for Corporates and Individuals

Systematic approach to a well-balanced and stress-controlled life.

Master Stress and Enhance Resilience
✓Boost Productivity and Elevate Performance
✓Achieve Balance and Find Meaning in Life

Anna Jenkins, a certified wellness coach in a chic pink ruffled blouse with a welcoming smile.

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For Corporates

Professional team in business attire, smiling confidently in the office because they've taken Anna Jenkin's wellness programme.

Seeking a team of happier and more engaged employees who perform better and strengthen your company’s culture? Click the link below to discover how I can boost your team’s wellbeing and productivity.

For Individuals

Joyful businesswoman walking down stairs with a bag, bathed in sunlight because she had received Anna Jenkin's wellness coaching.

Are you tired of feeling constantly burned out or exhausted, stuck in your professional and personal development, and noticing your personal relationships suffering? I don’t believe you need to sacrifice either. Click the link below to find out how I can help you break free from the exhaustion cycle.

Anna Jenkins, a certified wellness coach in a pink blouse and white pants, sitting with hand on chin.

Hi, I’m Anna Jenkins,
Your Go-To Wellness Coach

I bring unique blend of experiences of being a professional figure skater and a corporate executive into my work as a Wellness & Stress Coach and Neuro Change Practitioner. My journey through professional sports fields, corporate leadership, and personal health challenges has taught me the crucial importance of balancing stress and finding your true potential. With a mix of neuroscience and practical day-to-day strategies, I’m here to help you, and your team, tackle stress, embrace balance, and shine in both personal lives and careers. Let’s work together to make you more fulfilled, balanced, and energized, ready to take on whatever comes your way.

Ready to Achieve Balance in Your Life and Career?

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