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About Me

I am a former professional figure skater and a corporate marketing executive, today working as a Health, Wellness & Stress Coach. I help career-focused individuals to manage stress, improve performance, and create energy and well-balanced life. Next to supporting my private clients, I work with companies to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace. 

I would love to hear your goals related to wellbeing and would like to help you on your journey.


"Thanks’ to Anna’s extensive experience in the corporate world, she can relate to challenges at work and knows what it takes to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Anna is a motivator and is proud of your progress which makes you want to take the next step. I am now very happy with myself, my body, my career, and my life."

Leonie | PR professional | Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Individual Coaching Programmes

All coaching programmes are personalised and the goal is to find a solution that works for you, and that fits into your daily routine, personality and lifestyle. All programmes take into consideration core aspects of wellbeing; self-awareness, stress management, sleep and recovery, mindfulness & meditation, nutrition, and physical activity.


Learn More About Stress Management

Stress has become one of the most serious healthcare issues of the 20th century (Workplace Stress 2018). Learning to manage your stress better will help to improve the quality of your life.


Learn more about benefits of meditation

Today, there is a lot of scientific evidence available regarding the benefits of meditation. Improved sleep, stress relief and improved self-awareness are just few of the most known benefits of meditation.


Learn More About Healthy Nutrition

There is an overwhelming amount of contradictory information available about diet and nutrition. Trying to navigate through all this information can be overwhelming and discouraging.


Learn To Enjoy Everyday Life

Being able to enjoy the present moment and everyday life has been one of the factors that has significantly improved the quality of my life and happiness this year. Read my tips on how to start being more present and to enjoy everyday life.


"When I started my 1-year coaching programme with Anna I was at the very beginning of my self-care, self-awareness, and personal development journey. The time spent with Anna has been precious and it has completely changed my work-life-balance, day-to-day routine and made my everyday life meaningful. During this 1 year journey, I have been able to find my purpose, further improve my strengths, and accept and improve my weaknesses. I can hardly believe the change I’ve been through. Thank you, my dear Anna!"

Katia | Marketing Director | Moscow - Russia

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