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Anna Jenkins working on a MacBook at a modern home office setup with a cup of tea.
Anna Jenkins sitting cross-legged, smiling in a casual outfit, embodying comfort and ease.

I Believe Success and Wellbeing Can Go Hand-in-Hand.

Who I Help:

I help both teams in the corporate world and individuals in their personal lives to master stress, find balance, and unlock their true potential. Whether you’re aiming for higher productivity at work or seeking a more fulfilling life, my holistic coaching is here to guide you to success and satisfaction.

Why I Do What I Do:

My journey from being a professional figure skater to a corporate leader, and eventually overcoming personal health challenges, showed me the importance of a balanced life. This realization drove me to become a Stress & Wellness Coach and a Neuro Change Practitioner, aiming to guide you to balance, resilience, and wellbeing in every aspect of your life.

How I can help:

With a holistic approach that combines neuroscience and practical strategies, I’m here to help you navigate the stresses of daily life and the corporate world. My experience and empathy equip me with the tools to support your journey toward a more fulfilled, balanced life.

By choosing to work with me, you’re stepping towards a life where balance, clarity, and resilience leads to personal satisfaction and professional success. Envision a team that’s not just productive but energized and engaged. This transformation is what I aim to achieve for you—let’s start this journey together and unlock your full potential.

IIN Health Coach badge with a circular design, representing certified wellness expertise.
NCI certified Neuro Change Practitioner gold badge, symbolizing professional accreditation.
Badge stating '#WOHASU2023 Facilitator - COACH' for the World Happiness Summit, Italy 2023.

Ready to find your balance?

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