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Client Testimonials

Real Stories of Transformation and Triumph

"For our internal Health Coaching Programme we partnered with Anna. It has been a pleasure to work with her; she is able to build relationships over online coaching and has a lot of knowledge to share. As the feedback has been very positive we decided to continue offering one-to-one coaching to our employees."

HR Business Partner Flow Traders

"I can highly recommend Anna Jenkins as a Health Coach. At Paula’s Choice she did two webinars for all our employees, and she started with some individuals coaching sessions. Think health and wellbeing is a topic what needs to be top priority for every organization. Anna is very pleasant in her communication and her approach is very cooperative. Looking forward to further partnership."

Senior Director HR Europe at Paula’s Choice Skincare Europe (Unilever Prestige)

"Thanks to Anna’s extensive experience in the corporate world, she can relate to challenges at work and knows what it takes to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Anna is a motivator and is proud of your progress which makes you want to take the next step. I am now very happy with myself, my body, my career, and my life."

PR professional

“When I met Anna I was in a deeply stressed place. Throughout our sessions it became clear to me that I was lacking the proper health routines to keep me motivated and balanced in daily life. Anna taught me how to improve my balance by committing to self-care daily and by helping me be clear on what my purpose is. After our sessions I had 4 new daily habits built, and a clear plan to actualise my dream. Thank you so much Anna!


Product Analyst

“After working with Anna, the biggest change that took place was with my confidence. I have grown as a person and I have found my strength. This has helped me to reshape my career and important relationships. I am feeling 'enough' and I no longer need validation from others. Life feels so much better now, I feel happy!

Anna is positive, encouraging, honest, and inspirational. She makes you love the 'journey'. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better or improve their wellbeing.”

HR Business Partner

“In my position 'hard and strong' is recommended but I believe 'resilient' is needed. You taught me how to improve my resilience by asking me, language wise, simple questions. Those question, like a stone thrown into a calm lake, started waves of thoughts and calmly created disturbances in my soul. Your response to my insecurities with my own reflections gave me that little push. The push that encouraged me to believe in me. 12 month later I’m feeling great; every day is a day I enjoy fully. Now, still in a job where analogy with Karma and mental-well-being is rather the exception. But I’m very happy now. Thanks Anna!”

Chief of Staff 

"I just completed the Instant Impact coaching program with Anna and I feel like the energetic self again. I have now a new daily routine, I’m doing pilates again, and I got into running for the first time. I didn’t think I could ever say it, but I quite enjoy the working from home life.

Anna’s coaching was the best Christmas present I could give to myself – just needed someone to help and motivate me. Thank’s Anna!”

HR Professional

"Packed full of useful detail, Anna’s sessions were expertly tailored to topics our team most wanted to hear about and gave us plenty of food for thought - as well as actionable, manageable pointers to work into our routines right away!"


Founder & Director at Project Fearless

Want to Transform Stress Into Strength?

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