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What helps me to overcome stress

During the past couple of weeks, my stress levels have been increasing. I have also been feeling less confident and more insecure.

Learn to enjoy your everyday life 

Being able to enjoy the everyday life will significantly improved the quality of your life. Learn tips on how to be more present.

The many any benefits of meditation

Many people who are not familiar with meditation think of it as woo-ha. And to be honest so did I until I got to experience the benefits.

The many benefits of stretching

Regular stretching has many benefits and it can help improve the quality of your life.

My life changing journey

My life changing journey started when my best friend received a devastating diagnosis; she was terminally ill with cancer.

How to manage your stress better

Learning to manage your stress better will help to improve the quality of your life, both at work and privetly.

Navigating diets and nutrition

There is an overwhelming amount of contradictory information about diet and nutrition. Learn easy tips for healthy nutrition.

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